A Modular Solution, Personalized for You.

At LivWell Health we recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to technology solutions. That's why the LivWell Cloud is designed to be flexible and configurable ensuring you easy access to the information you need based on your role.


For Corporate Executives and Community Directors

We can help you understand how your business is performing through real-time dashboards and key performance (KPI) reports. Transparency isn't easy when all the data you need resides in stacks of paper, across multiple locations or within various systems that don't share information. LWH gives you a view into what's happening within your communities, along with real time reporting and analytics capabilities allowing you easy access to key information for important decision making. 


For Lifestyle Enrichment Directors

Do you get frustrated when your activities calendar is out of date before it's even off the copy machine? LWH can help simplify your events management with tools that fit your needs. Whether you only need digital signage you can quickly update to show room changes immediately, or if you are looking for a robust system that will help you track and understand degree of participation to determine future activities, LWH's event management solutions can help. It might not be the end of your paper cuts since some residents prefer printed materials, but it's a step in the right direction. 


For Nutritionists and Kitchen Staff

Are you frustrated with having to publish and maintain multiple menus across multiple locations.  What happens when an item on the menu runs out? Can you easily update or substitute in another food item? With LWH's menu display capabilities you can create menus for multiple days, weeks, months across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can easily update menu items and assign menus to the appropriate location and you can easily replicate menus for future use.


Maintenance, Operations and Service Requests

If you're still using post-it notes to track what resident has a leaky faucet or needs a light bulb changed, you are not alone. LWH makes sure no notes fall through the cracks with solutions that allow staff or residents to make a request, have the correct person be notified for follow up, and if someone is out sick or an item isn't fixed within a specified time frame, alerts can be sent to ensure things get done so residents stay happy. It won't stop pipes from getting clogged, but it will make it easier for your department to make sure things get done. 

For Sales and Marketing

You want to fill your community with great people, but it can be hard to remember when to follow up or quickly find a person's file when they call 8 months after their last visit. LWH uses the world's #1 CRM (customer relationship management) system -- to help you discover your best sources of leads, track and follow up with prospects, and even remember to send them a birthday card. From prospect to resident, LWH helps you throughout the sales cycle. While it might not prevent people from arriving for a tour 5 minutes before you were going to head home for the night, it can help you stay on top of qualified prospects you want to pursue.


For IT Management and Technical Support

Your residents and staff have all different levels of technical ability and you don't need anymore headaches from complicated systems that over-promise and under deliver. LWH solutions are built on Force.com, so best in class security, scalability to grow as you grow, HIPAA compliance, published APIs with flexibility to integrate with 3rd party apps are all built in. Plus, being a cloud solution means no hardware to maintain and anytime, anywhere mobile access for staff.