Customer Photo Add Instructions

To include different background photos for a customer to replace seasonal photos:

1) Create a new folder with customer name, e.g. <Customer Name> Images.  

2) Load Images into that folder by clicking on EDIT and using "+" in upper right corner of that page.  You will be taken to a window that allows you to search for the image you wish to upload from your computer.

3) Once an image is loaded, right click on each image, and open image in new browser tab.

4) Correct the link address by:

       - Removing s from https at beginning of link.

       - Removing end of link from ? to the end of the link.

5) Copy the link with the changes made.

6) Log in to Risevision customer account, go to each kiosk, and replace the LWH seasonal link with the link that was just copied, and save and preview. 

NOTE:  You will only be able to see the current "season" photo.