LivWell Cloud - Features and Capabilities

A Cloud Platform Built for Your Success!

Grow your business, optimize staff, scale programs and reduce operational challenges with LivWell Health built on the worlds #1 enterprise cloud platform trusted by more than 100,000+ companies. There is no infrastructure to worry about or software to install and access is delivered through modern web browsers.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Mobile optimized so staff can collaborate anywhere, anytime. LivWell Health is device and operating system agnostic enabling access via PC's, notebooks, tablets or mobile phones. 


Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Native integration of SalesCloud the world's #1 CRM solution by
  • Everything you need to track and close more deals, faster, from anywhere.
  • Comprehensive leads, opportunity and sales performance management tools to track and grow your sales pipeline.
  • Improve conversion rates with robust leads management, marketing automation, partner management and sales data tools.
  • Accelerate productivity with configurable workflows, email integration, task assignments, file sharing and reports and dashboards.
  • Device agnostic on the go accessibility anywhere, anytime with any mobile device. 


 Events and Activities

  • Eliminate paper and out of date activities calendars across your communities.
  • Simplify your activities management with tools that provide a comprehensive view of all events, locations, registrations and attendance.
  • Quickly update event changes such as location, details, pricing or availability while on the go from any internet connected computer or mobile device.
  • Track and understand participation to determine future planning.
  • Report on individual member and overall activity participation.


Menus and Food

  • No longer maintain paper menus across multiple locations or care levels.  
  • Update menus in realtime when food items change or run out. 
  • Easily create and display menus for multiple days, weeks, months across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
  • Assign menus to the appropriate locations and care levels.
  • Quickly replicate menus for future use and assignment.


Preferred Services

  • Collaborate with partners to deliver best in class services.
  • Extend partner visibility within your communities and track referrals.
  • Manage service requests and work orders through to completion.
  • Coordinate work assignments, scheduling and escalations for maintenance, housekeeping and numerous services.
  • Enable staff, residents and members to initiate and make a service request. 
  • Automate workflows, assignments, and notifications for follow up.
  • Track scheduling, work hours and completion dates for quality assurance, reporting and billing.


IT Simplicity and Ease of Use

  • Built on the world's #1 enterprise cloud platform.
  • Easy to use and streamlined user interface (UI) for both staff and older adults.
  • Enterprise-grade data security and HIPAA compliance with robust access and permissions management. 
  • Scales to grow as you grow with additional flexibility to integrate 3rd party applications through open APIs.
  • LWH utilizes open API's for additional flexibility to integrate with other platforms.


Security and Compliance You Can Trust

Robust security, access and permissions capabilities. Know and control who can see what with the ability to audit changes. LWH is fully HIPAA compliant with all information backed up and encrypted in movement and at rest. We understand that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers' information is vital to their operations and our own success.


Smart and Efficient Data Storage

LivWell Health maintains your information in accredited, world-class data centers with backup, failover, and disaster-recovery capabilities with an uptime record exceeding 99.9%. We can easily scale on a local or global level to benefit your businesses growth ensuring capacity is aligned with demand.


Reporting and Analytics

  • Gain visibility into how your communities are performing through real time reporting and analytics.
  • Configure dashboards and reports to display the metrics that are important you.
  • Increase staff transparency and accountability into customer interactions and workflow management.