Elevate the Senior Living Experience and Position Your Community for Future Growth.

A secure, modular, cloud-based solution designed for senior living and community-based organizations to enhance quality-of-life, improve community communications and enable new services for future growth. Learn about who benefits and why leading senior living providers and At-Home membership programs choose LivWell Health as a trusted partner.

LivWell Interactive Digital Signage

Are you a community, day center or senior provider with one or more care programs or campus locations? Communicate important daily information to the appropriate level of care audience throughout lobbies and common areas across campus locations.

  • Display today's schedule of activities, dining menus, news updates and weather.
  • Broadcast community alerts (e.g. Pool is Closed) and emergency notifications (e.g. Flooding - Evacuation Procedures) on displays.
  • Showcase photos from community activities, events and daily living.
  • Utilize on-screen check-in and check-out functionality for residents, guests, vendors and volunteers across locations.
  • ADA compliant interactive controls for utilization by older adults in wheel chairs and mobility scooters.

LivWell Community Private TV Channel

  • Broadcast daily activities, dining menus, news updates, weather, alerts and emergency information to older adults on a private community TV channel.
  • Communicate and engage older adults who still view their analog televisions and rotary dial telephones as new modern technology. 

LivWell Health Interactive Touch Digital Signage. Content can also be distributed on private community TV channels.

LivWell Resident Portal on an Apple iPad


LivWell Senior Portal

Built with the next generation of older adults in focus who desire anytime access to information that is personally relevant. Perfect for at-home programs and senior communities whose older adults are excited to harness new technologies. 

  • Activate modular functionality to display activities calendars, dining menus, news updates, weather, community photos and more.
  • Enable older adults to view, cancel and RSVP for activities.
  • Extend preferred services such as maintenance, wellness, transportation and more to users who can review, order and track services at their convenience. Generate new revenue and relationship opportunities.
  • Generate comprehensive reporting and analytics of portal usage.

LivWell Health Platform

A cloud-based modular platform built on Force.com. LivWell Health Cloud is packed full of key features to improve the care of older adults.

  • Manage activities calendars, dining menus, news updates, alerts and emergency notifications, preferred services and resources and comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboards.
  • Display information across LivWell interactive digital displays, private TV channels, web portals and mobile apps that can be updated and reported on in real time.
  • Salesforce the world's #1 customer relationship management (CRM) system to track leads, identify opportunities and grow sales is fully integrated and ready for utilization.
  • Eliminate paper forms, data silos, multiple software applications and the inability to perform cross-community or program reporting.
  • Best-in-class data security, permissions control and HIPAA compliance.
  • Device agnostic anytime, anywhere access from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

LivWell Health Platform - Cloud Diagram