There are New Horizons Ahead In Value-Based Care As We Engage The Next Generation of Older Adults.


Our Mission

To harness technology to improve the lives and well-being of older adults and those who provide care as we journey together along the road of life.

A Journey Shared

The idea that our future is secure is somewhat of a misnomer being that the actual individual process of aging is fraught with all sorts of unknowns and forked roads ahead. At LivWell Health we believe this path, which we are all travelers along, is one of life's grandest adventures and through innovation, communication and shared experience we can improve the journey of aging not only for our loved ones and ourselves but for all older adults with whom we share this journey. 

We want to understand the benefits of being connected and the impact on quality of life.
— Ginna Baik, National Director of Innovation, Emeritus Senior Living